If your weekend plans include a hike, please be kind to our wilderness. Some of Colorado's most beautiful places are getting loved to death. And it’s so bad, some of the popular hikes have had to make changes.

For instance, starting in 2018, you won’t be able to park in the lot at Hanging Lake. You’ll have to park somewhere in Glenwood Springs and take a shuttle to the trail.

If your plans include a trip up the Manitou Incline, get ready to open your wallet if you want to park close. The city of Manitou Springs raised the price of parking in the lot at the trailhead from $10 to $20. And you have to reserve parking online.

Hikers could be loving Hanging Lake to death

Ever wonder what Hanging Lake looked like in the 1800s? Check out these photos!

All meters leading up to the Incline on Ruxton Avenue also raised prices. The city operates a free shuttle to the trailhead.

Boulder will be adding a shuttle this summer to help transport hikers to Chautauqua Park, since parking near the park has become a headache.

Boulder working on changes to Chautauqua parking

As part of a pilot program, the city will charge hikers $2.50 an hour to park in the lot near the park or on the streets nearby.