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A bench belonging to a woman in Westminster, Dorothy Medina, has been returned to her.

The bench is painted blue and orange in honor of the Denver Broncos. She noticed someone had taken it from her front yard at some point between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

One would think Medina doesn’t have much to feel happy about these days. She has stage four cancer. But as many fans scoff at the Broncos this season, watching her favorite team lights up Dorothy’s week.

“To see my Broncos bench was gone just killed me," she told Next. "I love my Broncos so much."

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A relative of Medina’s, Felix Rodriguez Perea, posted a plea on Facebook, asking for someone to help their family find the bench.

Perea said Wednesday that someone in Aurora contacted him to say he’d bought the bench on the site OfferUp for $60. That man refused and money for the bench. He just wanted to get it back to Medina.

He drove the bench over to Perea, who had the bench back at Medina’s house on Wednesday afternoon.

Her Christmas decorations were also taken from her yard. There’s no word on those.