Sometimes, all we have to be thankful for at Thanksgiving is a good story.

Luckily, you all have some great stories...

Obviously, we invite you to share your own fail. Post it on Facebook here, email us or post with #HeyNext.

Croaker Denning: One year my sister was bringing the turkey after cooking it at her house. She set it on the roof of the car to open the door, got distracted, and drove off with it on the roof. The turkey made it to the house, but had lost the lid to the roaster at about the mousetrap. We were in Northglenn that year and it was snowing. Turkey a la road grime.

Wendy Lauerman Pieseski: Parents and friends forgot to defrost the turkey. “Let’s defrost it in the dishwasher!” It started to cook to the point of browning. Alcohol may or may not have been involved.

Heather Campbell Nordstrom: I undercooked my first turkey and all our guests got food poisoning. One couple was visiting from Australia- their first Thanksgiving did not leave a great impression.

Holly Ingram El-Jammal: Started with cocktails then popped the turkey in the oven ... but forgot to turn it on.

Dinah Gore Schlecht: Caged parrots got out when dinner was served—— flying over the entire meal squawking... can’t mention the words that were yelled at the time!

Michelle Lappegaard: Grandma didn't cook the turkey all the way so she got out the brown food dye.

Beth Arvidson Luedke: Not following high altitude recipe = pecan soup.

Kate Field: Vanilla Soy Milk Mashed Potatoes

Toni Stone: Thanksgiving snowstorm 1983. Hubby decided to BBQ the bird. Kids ate Chex at 8pm & bird was done at 10:30 pm.

John Merritt: My mom used to mix flour and milk in a jar to make gravy. One year she didn't screw the lid on tight enough and... all over the ceiling and walls.

Betsy Kernodle Cabell: While a visiting minister had everyone kneeling in living room so he could lead a prayer (lengthy prayer fortunately), the dog pulled the turkey off the dining room table. My grandmother heard something and saw the turkey disappear. She scooted on her knees into the dining room, scooped up the bird and cleaned it off, placed it back on the platter, and returned to the living room on her knees in time to hear the end of the prayer and say, "amen." Dinner went well, turkey tasted good, and the dog was banished to the backyard.