In all of 2017, only two of 106 people who were caught with a gun in line at DIA were arrested.

One is a former TSA worker, and the other is State Representative Lori Saine, and through an open records request with DIA, the video of Saine's arrest is public.

Surveillance video shows Saine doing what everyone else does in the security area of DIA on Dec. 5: waiting in line.

Surveillance video of Lori Saine's arrest (Via DIA)

Then, as she's waiting, a red light on the security scanner flashes.

Surveillance video of Lori Saine's arrest (Via DIA)

As Saine continues to wait for her turn to go through the body scanner, another angle shows a police officer approach the X-ray machine and remove a bag. It's Saine's bag.

Once she makes it through the body scanner, she goes to get her bag, but is met by a Denver Police officer. There's no audio, so we don't know what's being said in that exchange, but the investigation showed she told officers she totally forgot about the gun.

A second officer then has Saine put her hands behind her back, cuffs her and walks her to one of the airport's holding cells.

Surveillance video of Lori Saine's arrest (Via DIA)

Next asked DPD if this is happens to anyone with a gun in their bag at the screening area, even if they're not taken to jail. In an email, a spokesman underlined the word ALL, and said this is standard.

The person is only taken to jail if officers can't get enough information from the passenger. After she was cuffed, Saine asked for an attorney. The questioning stopped and she was taken to jail.

Surveillance video of Lori Saine's arrest (Via DIA)

A special prosecutor dropped the charges one week later.