The U.S. Secret Service, of all things, just owned Throwback Thursday with a retro picture from Denver.

Twenty-four years ago this month, Pope John Paul II came to Colorado, specifically from Aug. 10-15. He spent World Youth Day in Denver; it was the first World Youth Day celebrated in North America.

The Secret Service posted a photo to their Twitter account showing the pope, in the Pope Mobile, at Mile High Stadium back in 1993.

Thousands of people are packed into the stadium, with flags from various countries hanging from the stands. Pope John Paul II is waving at the crowd as he passes, and Secret Service agents are surrounding him.

The final mass of the trip was held at Cherry Creek State Park. Hundreds of thousands came from all over the world to attend.

We went back into the 9NEWS archives. You can watch some of the footage of the pope's visit, which was used in a story we did two years ago, below.

If you have any cool pictures from the pope's visit you'd like us to see, share 'em with us. #HeyNext