You guys, the city of Denver is now on Twitter, which would be really exciting news if it was 2007.

Ten years later it's more like - really? How has the city of Denver not been on Twitter before now?

The #FirstTweet simply said: "Good Afternoon, Denver. The City and County of Denver is now on Twitter."

You'll forgive us for just now noticing this tweet from Monday, because it took Denver a decade to realize Twitter isn't a fad.

Also, to be fair, while Twitter started in 2006, it does seem that 2009 was really its time. It was the year that launched Wendy's (king of Twitter, giver of nuggs), President Trump (it doesn't seem he was running his own Twitter account back then), Sesame Street (can you tell Denver how to get to Twitter?) and one Kyle Clark (we all know how that turned out).

Follow the city. Give them the business, and welcome Denver to Twitter. Their handle is City of Denver.

So far, this account seems like a legitimate City of Denver account, even though we can't say the same for the Instagram.

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