We'd like to introduce you to Erin Berry, a dispatcher for Loveland Police Department.

This isn't about a police officer, or firefighter, or dispatcher who got in trouble. This is about one of the Good Ones, because as we know, they're almost all good ones. Those just aren't always the one to get any recognition.

Berry just won the title of "International Dispatcher of the Year." She was nominated for not only being so solid at her job every day, but for helping a a student, through the phone, to perform CPR on another student.

"(Winning) represents the great things like the life saves we do. Mine just happened to get recognized," she says.

Watch Erin's story in the video above, shot by photojournalist Tom Cole.

Thanks for your hard work, Erin.

If you know any more good ones like her, let us know. Send at email to next@9news.com