Colorado's Democratic Senator Michael Bennet is the only Senator who refuses to say whether he'll vote to confirm Colorado's Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, Bennet spoke on the Senate floor, saying Gorsuch is qualified, and he deserves an up or down vote - a vote expected to be blocked by Democrats. 

Here are some of the highlights from his speech:

"By requiring the consent of 60 Senators to proceed on key votes, the filibuster ensures that the legislation we pass and the nominations that we approve reflect at least a modest level of consensus ... the filibuster is meant as a tool of last resort ... but in recent years it has become yet another weapon in our endless partisan warfare. 

"Although Republicans were wrong to abuse the rules, Democrats were wrong to change them. 

"Our actions over the last few years and over the last few days jeopardize not only the Senate, but also the judiciary.

"Today some of my colleagues plan to filibuster President Trump's Supreme court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. The Republican leadership has responded by threatening to invoke the nuclear option, which would eliminate for all time the 60-vote threshold for Supreme Court nominees and allow them to confirm Judge Gorsuch with the narrowest party majority. 

"With respect to Judge Gorsuch, I'm proud he is from Colorado, but I'm concerned by his judicial approach, which too often seems to rely on the narrowest interpretation of the law with little appreciation for its context ... in particular I believe he has far too much confidence in the original meaning of the words 'in legislation,' or for that matter the Constitution.

"So although I have reservations to his approach to the law, I do not have reservations about his qualifications for the court. 

"He is a committed and honorable public servant and that is why so many members of the Colorado bar and bench support his nomination. 

"For all of these reasons and for hope of preserving the minorities voice in this government so many generations before us have done I will oppose efforts to filibuster this nomination. 

Things went relatively smoothly during Bennet's speech, but not as much on Twitter Tuesday. His account tweeted "P lol non mnooploppolppo." We assume that was a pocket tweet, not his stance on confirming Gorsuch.