The key to creating innovative new concepts is supposedly brainstorming. You get together with a group of people, who all agree "there's no such thing as a stupid idea."

Alex Osborn wrote about brainstorming in the 1950s, saying it generates as many ideas as possible by joining together, without judgment. Osborn said this could increase productivity by about 50 percent.

Flash forward to 2017, and what we thought was true may not be so. We checked in with 9NEWS' resident psychologist Dr. Max. He says there are three reasons why the idea to brainstorm to come up with new ideas could be a bad idea. You with us?


Reason 1: Practically, it can be hard to concentrate. When other people are talking, you could lose track of your own ideas.
Reason 2: "Social loafing." You work harder when you work alone, and perhaps come up with more ideas, because you aren't relying on anyone else.
Reason 3: Embarrassment. You could be afraid of what other people will think.

So, give it a shot on your own next time, before the group chat. Then, everyone comes together and trades their individual thoughts.

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