Throwback Thursday came early this week, when Next aired our story about the HOV lanes on Santa Fe.

Someone asked us to check out whether the HOV lanes are still a thing, because he never sees them enforced. For our story, Steve Staeger dug into the archives and found people who were wrongly using the HOV lanes all the way back in 1997.

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In that video, we showed a clip of a guy, who looked a lot like Kurt Cobain but is not Kurt Cobain, who said he was in the HOV lane because he was trying to get to McDonald's. This is that guy:

It turns out, this guy and his wife were actually watching Next last night when the clip aired, and they reached out to us after the show.

We couldn't make this up if we tried.

His name is Roy. His wife's name is Joyce.

They sent us a picture of Roy now, without the long hair, but with McDonald's fries, of course.

Everyone meet Roy

You'll all get a chance to meet 2017 Roy, as will we. He and Joyce are planning to join us in studio on Friday.