This week, we're taking a look at how Denver Mayor Michael Hancock might clash or collaborate with President Trump and his agenda.

Hancock just recently met face-to-face with President Trump’s frequently-mocked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and found common ground.

Like any person in office, Hancock acknowledges that DeVos has to settle in, and find out on her own what she can and can't do in her position.

During their conversation, the mayor did say he and the secretary did find common ground.

"I'll tell you, she answered a question, similar to how I would answer it. She believes in quality education being accessible to all children regardless of their zip code, where they live. She doesn't really care how it's delivered, whether it's a charter school, a traditional school, or innovation school, but make sure young people and their families have options."

Friday, our week-long series with the mayor wraps up as we discuss marijuana regulations.

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