Forgive us for hoping this story will make you laugh your a** off.

Video of a pack burro race in Georgetown, shot by a North Carolina woman, is going viral.

"I was so excited. I think I was five years old for the entire race," said Jatha Austin.

Jatha, and her husband of 24 years, were heading back to DIA after a vacation in Colorado and Utah, when they pulled over hoping to see Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

"We made a little offshoot because we thought we might be able to see the Bighorn Sheep, and we saw a man going down the road with a donkey. And we were like, 'Hey man, why are you running down the road with a donkey?' And he explained that they were racing that morning, and so we stayed and watched and it was fabulous," said Austin.

She spoke with Next from her home in Lawndale, North Carolina.

"Fifty miles west of Charlotte. We don't even have a stoplight," said Austin. "I have a boarding stable and teach riding lessons."

Her history with horses helped her during the race, when one of the runners lost contact with his donkey.


"I was videoing and I hear a girl say, 'Somebody catch that loose donkey, please,' and it was right as they were coming to me, and I thought if I let him get past, I'll never catch him," said Austin.

She caught him and after the runner thanked her, she told him, rightly so, "Hang onto your ass!"

"I couldn't not say it. It was right there," she laughed. "Unfortunately, the man was eliminated for that because he did not take him back to the point that he lost him."

Little known fact: burros like to run. The race between Georgetown and Empire and back was between eight and nine miles.

She said it was one of the most memorable parts of her trip. Now, she wants to help the pack burro race series get more publicity.

"They're having a big race that is on Saturday, June 10. It's in Creede, and they're trying to get some publicity for it and I would love for people to know that," said Austin.

Creede is between Alamosa and Telluride. The town is hosting a 10-mile donkey dash.

You can find out more information about Colorado pack burro racing from the Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation.