Next viewer Margaret Scott snapped a photo when she saw five donkeys chilling in front of the Franklin Ferguson Memorial Library in Cripple Creek.

The director of the library, Mike McDonald said the donkeys wander all over town. He spends some mornings picking up...presents the donkeys leave behind at the library.

McDonald said the herd of friendly donkeys are known as the town's mascots.

Assistant librarian Judy Hess even had the donkeys come to her house.

"I can't put flowers on my deck because the donkeys eat them," Hess said.

The herd is believed to be the direct descendants of the donkeys who worked in the mining days of Cripple Creek. The city takes care of the donkeys through the Two Mile High Club.

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Cripple Creek's Police Department said they receive several 911 calls from people who are confused when they see the herd.

"I say 'Yes and they have more rights than you so don't mess with them,'" Dispatcher Tess Pedersen said laughing.

And THAT is the most Colorado Thing We Saw Today.