The journey started on Thursday at midnight in Waterton Canyon.

It's the journey of a group of friends from Durango who decided to run the 486-mile Colorado trail together.

"It just kind of fit into what we do anyways," Tate Lagasca said. Lagasca and four of his other ultra-runner friends wanted to see the whole trail without it taking four to five weeks.

The trail was completed relay style. A person would run for 10 to 20 miles, then pass on a bag with a GPS watch and spot tracking device to the next.

"We had the whole trail mapped out with every road access point in advance," Lagasca said. "We had two cars. If you weren't running, you were driving to the next access point."

Courtesy: Kyle Curtin

The runners took naps in between segments.

"If someone just did a 20-mile segment in the middle of the night, you might want to give them an eight hour rest instead of a three hour rest," he said.

Courtesy: Tate Lagasca

And their fuel?

"Lots of gummy bears and Snickers bars," Lagasca said. "We weren't too good about eating."

Tate Lagasca ran 101 miles. Shaun Burke ran 100. Brett Sublett ran 71. Holden Reenaker ran 106, and Kyle Curtin ran 108 miles- altogether the five ran 486 miles together.

The group finished on Sunday and celebrated with a bottle of champagne. The trail took a little more than three and a half days.

When we asked Lagasca why he decided to run the trail, he said it just sounded like a good time with friends and that he'd do it again.

And THAT is the most Colorado Thing We Saw Today.