One of the reasons Denver International Airport has extra money squirreled away in its bank account - enough to keep the airport operating for 800 days - is because of an increase in concession sales.

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In 2016, restaurants, stores and other services made $370,458,290 worth of sales in 2016, several of them making millions on their own.

Only four businesses broke the $10 million mark:

  1. Smokin' Bear Lodge Smoking Lounge: $17,160,612
  2. Root Down: $10,988,847
  3. Elway's: $10,156,748
  4. Clear Channel (ads within the airport): $10,126,433

The Smokin' Bear is the only place within the airport that a person can smoke cigarettes, and smokers are required to spend at least $5 on food and drinks at Timberline, the bar and restaurant that's part of the same business. Smokin' Bear sales also include an Einstein's Bagels, which is technically within the same location. It's owned by Mission Yogurt, which runs 16 businesses at DIA.

Smokin' Bear will close after the lease expires in 2018.

The top 10 individual retailers (not including rental cars) in 2016 were:

  1. Smokin' Bear: $17,160,612
  2. Root Down: $10,988,847
  3. Elway's: $10,156,748
  4. Jimmy's Bistro: $7,920,932
  5. Rockbottom Brewery: $7,147,310
  6. Denver Chop House: $6,927,028
  7. Pour La France: $6,715,310
  8. McDonald's: $6,532,816
  9. Quiznos: $6,340,947
  10. Lefty's Mile High Bar & Grille: $6,177,946

You can see the revenue report here. Some numbers that may surprise you:

  • The "RMUs" you see listed have our groups of small businesses, like kiosks. The RMUs in Concourse B alone made about $7.5 million.
  • DIA is a popular place for art; almost $1 million of sales at Images of Nature Gallery

The rental cars account for about a half-billion in sales combined each year. You can see the entire rental car report here.