9NEWS viewers really like to look at the sky. Usually, all you’ll find up there are clouds and the occasional airplane, so when you see something different, it’s worth paying attention – or at least calling your friendly neighborhood news station.

In this case, that odd item in the sky was not a UFO (if it was, we would have sent out a breaking news alert). It was just weird … but definitely from Earth, since some of the more astute folks out there will notice it's a helicopter. We’ll let Next viewer Sally explain where the mystery comes from:

“Hey Kyle. Our friends live in Weld County near 85 and Highway 60. Last week, this helicopter was flying around their property with their contraption hanging from it. Any idea what it is and what they were doing?”

We figured it out.

Basically, the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District is gathering a bunch of data on aquifer and groundwater conditions in the Gillcrest area.

This is because homes in the area are having issues with flooding and high ground water.

There’s a theory that the 200 wells that were curtailed in 2005 by the state engineer are to blame for the higher water levels, so the CCWCD hired Aqua Geo Frameworks to do some mapping.

They fly the weird contraption 100 feet off the ground and 100 feet below the helicopter.

The chopper flies about 55 miles per hour and runs with a GPS and laser positioning.

They’re able to track data down to 900 feet below the surface.

They’ve finished up gathering the data for now, and then they’ll produce a final report.

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