These fancy portable toilets might have just found a new permanent home on Colfax Avenue.

Since March 2016, the city of Denver has been driving around the restrooms to different places and collected data to find the best spot for them.

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It looks like the most ideal location right now is at Colfax and Pennsylvania.

This is determined by the usage of the restroom at that intersection, safety, and support from businesses and homes around there.

It's estimated that a little more than half of the people who use the mobile restroom on Colfax are homeless, according to Denver Public Works.

The other half is commuters and pedestrians in the area.

Public Works said they are going to coordinate with the new Bus Rapid Transit system on Colfax to make sure the permanent bathroom isn't in the way.

There's also another mobile restroom downtown that was put into use on June 2016 .