“Thanks for hanging out here,” Heather Greenwood’s voice rings out, amid the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and bright spring flowers in the GraceFull Community Café.

The place looks like most coffee shops from the outside, but it's hard not to notice there's something special happening inside this one on Curtist Street in downtown Littleton.

“Food has the power to break down a lot of boundaries,” explains Greenwood, “so that’s how I like to invest in people in the Littleton community."

She opened the café along with her husband just over a year ago. In addition to the two of them, they have a staff of two part-time baristas and one full-time chef.

GraceFull operates mainly with the help of volunteers. The cafe has two shifts of three volunteers per day. Each volunteer has a specific job in the kitchen. They do anything from the dish washer to prepping and running food. Relying on volunteers helps keep prices down for GrateFull Café (a for profit business) in hopes that patrons will tip higher. All of the tips go to Heather’s other project.

“[The café] also has a non-profit, GraceFull Foundation that runs alongside it,” explains Greenwood. “That is the part we invest back in the community.”

Money generated by the foundation allows the café to offer meals at lower or no cost to those who can’t afford the menu price.

“To be able to invest in our own community was super important to us,” Greenwood says, “and I just love using food as a tool to do that.”

This café is much more than a job to Greenwood. She believes with all her heart that food brings people together.

“Just a simple meal is a really easy way to show someone love and encouragement.”

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