One of 9NEWS' favorite kids is back at it again.

Last summer, Landon Silver hand-sewed then hand-delivered neck warmers for officers at the Commerce City Police Department. It took him 7 hours to make the gifts just to "show his appreciation for the work they do every day."

After that, he made 40 dog toys for the animal shelter near his house, because this kid is the best and we can all learn a lesson from him.

But Landon decided now was the time to start his professional career at the ripe age of 8. He sent his resume to Tom Shane. Yes, the Tom Shane from the Shane Company jewelry store. And yes, Landon has a resume.

His resume read in part "I was wondering if you could hire me or if I could volunteer. I would love to work at the sales counter because I love to wear suits and like to talk about jewelry, particularly men's jewelry."

He went on to say that he knew he'd be good at the job because he came in first place for his school fundraisers.

Tom Shane responded, and Landon got to be an employee at the store last week.

Seriously. He got a name tag, a magnifying glass and got all dressed up for his big day.

Do you think Landon would be into doing a TED Talk?