This three-legged dog might have been to the top of more 14ers than most humans.

Jennie and Tyrel Klinger adopted Roo in Boulder back in April. Roo is short for kangaroo because the Basenji mix hops around like one.

"The second day we had her, we took her on a short hike and she loved it," Jennie Klinger said.

Since then, Roo has hiked three 14ers including Bierstadt, Grays, and Torreys.

"On multiple occasions while hiking with Roo, we get thumbs ups or told how cool Roo is and she loves it," Klinger said. "I think she is a motivation for people to keep going or to help realize that they can do this."

Roo sometimes has trouble going down the mountains, so she catches a ride in a backpack.

She was originally a stray from Texas. The shelter believes she was hit by a car, and her leg had healed incorrectly. The vets were forced to amputate it.

"She is an inspiration to Tyrel and myself every day, and we love taking her on hikes to not only get Roo exercise but to inspire people," Kilnger said.

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