The Westling's family van isn't quite like the regular family car.

For starters, it's got the word "bongs" plastered on the side of the door.

The two brothers travel through Denver to wash people's bongs and hookahs. It's a family business.

"I would've never guessed I'd be cleaning pipes for a living," Jacob Westling said. He's the founder of Pipe Dream.

Westling first had the idea when he called a plumber to his house because of a sewage backup in his pipes. When they went into the basement together, a horrible scent overwhelmed Westling.

"I asked do you get used to the smell, and he took a big whiff and said 'It smells like money,'" Westling said.

This was the start of Pipe Dream.

"We're a service for an industry that hasn't been around before," Westling said.

Jacob and his brother, Joe can clean up to 150 pipes per day. Each handheld piece takes around 20-30 minutes. It's first dunked in 160 degree water with a special chemical, rinsed in a dishwasher, and dried with a hairdryer.

Jacob Westling said it's for, "Anybody that wants a clean and healthy's kind of ironic, right? Smoking's not healthy, but they're going to smoke regardless, so we want to make sure the smoke that they're getting is through a clean pipe that's been sanitized."

Courtesy: Pipe Dream

You can drop off, ship, or even schedule a pick up for your pipes. Fore more information, you can visit their website here:

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