This week's scaffolding accident in Denver that you didn't really care about is keeping you from tasty beer.

Oh, you care now, don't you?

The scaffolding collapsed Monday at a construction site near 44th and Tennyson. Wood planks rained down through the roof next door, where the team behind The Grateful Gnome brewery has been hustling to get open for months.

This is another setback, and perhaps it's just the "Bad Neighbor" sign, but we don't think the developer next door will be drinking for free when The Grateful Gnome finally opens.

"No, he hasn't come by once," said Daniel Appell, with Grateful Gnome. "He probably knows better. He is probably the last person I want to see right now."

Let's all take a minute to slow clap for Daniel's phenomenal facial hair, btw

The team at the brewery says the developer has been silent and dismissive.

We got a feel for that when we tried to get ahold of the developer, Mike Mathieson. He kept hanging up on us. Perhaps he doesn't want to miss a call from the federal safety investigators, who are looking into why the scaffolding collapsed.