It's going to be 90 degrees this weekend! Let's hit the public pools!

That sounds like a great idea and a really bad weekend for three of Denver's 29 pools to have maintenance problems.

The Congress Park pool near Eighth Avenue and Josephine Street and the Berkeley pool near 46th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard are closed this weekend. La Alma pool near 11th Avenue and Osage Street is partially open.
The 60-year-old Congress Park pool has a leak that was discovered once the pool was filled for the summer.

We found Lily Becker leaning on the pool's fence, providing a picture-perfect reaction that speaks for all kids.

"I was thinking why it was closed and why people were walking in when it was closed," said Becker. "They should have opened it because it's hot. Nobody gets to do anything."

Three Denver city pools are closed for repairs

She was relegated to the playground with her brother, Elliott, where they tried to feed chips to a squirrel while their grandfather, Norman Benedict, watched.

"I think they should have checked for leaks earlier to allow for mishaps like they have right now," said Benedict.
"We had filled the pool and we had to drain it because we found that we had some valves that we, actually, had to have fabricated out of state to replace. We had some maintenance issues with the pool," said Denver Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Cyndi Karvaski.

Come on, the pools are closed from Labor Day until June! How can there be issues to start the season?

"What we try to do is we try to fill the pool about a month before we plan on opening. Unfortunately, once the pool filled is when you actually find the maintenance problems that would possibly be occurring," said Karvaski.
The Berkeley pool at Sheitler Recreation Center had delays in resurfacing and painting the pool. At La Alma, there was a delay in replacing concrete.

The lap pool inside the Sheitler Recreation Center is open and the pool without the water slide is open at La Alma.
La Alma could have the slide open on Saturday.

Berkeley should be able to open on Monday.

Congress Park may not open until Saturday, June 17.

"It's a very tough weekend to have the pools closed, especially when we're supposed to be having 90-degree weather," said Karvaski.

Map of Denver city pools

When the Congress Park pool is ready to be filled, it will still be a while.

"It takes 480,000 gallons of water to fill Congress Park pool. It usually takes about four days. We have a two-inch pipe that the water would be flowing through," said Karvaski. "We're going to be reaching out to Denver Fire to see if they would be able to assist us with actually filling the pool this weekend. That would cut about two days off of the time that it would take to fill the pool."

What does that mean exactly? It means hooking up to a fire hydrant and filling the pool with hydrant water.
We checked with Denver Water about that because it sounds gross.

"Denver Water does allow hydrant connections for special events and circumstances, but only after disinfection and testing are completed to make sure the water hasn’t been compromised by the hydrant or any means of transportation (like a water truck or hose). This process can take a couple of days to complete," said spokesman Travis Thompson.