Very few Coloradans ever have a job that can keep for life if they want it.

People like John Elway and Adele Arakawa come to mind, as well as Neil Gorsuch, the newest Supreme Court justice.

The judge who lives in Boulder and worked in Denver has become the youngest justice on the Supreme Court by more than a decade. He's 49. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the oldest justice at 84. She joined the court following the retirement of the only other Coloradan ever to sit on the Supreme Court.

That was Byron White. He was named to the Supreme Court in 1962 after a successful football career at CU and in the NFL. He retired in 1993 and was bestowed with one of the highest honors of his extraordinary life, when he was named the "9NEWS person of the week," obviously.

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In the video above, check 9NEWS legend Ed Sardella's person of the week report on White.

White occasionally sat with lower courts after his retirement. He passed away in 2002. The 10th Circuit courthouse in Denver, where Gorsuch worked, is named for White.