DENVER – We fall back this weekend, which means an extra hour of sleep for most and an extra hour of work for the owner of All Time Clock Repair on East Colfax Avenue.

Chad Walker took over his father's clock repair business years ago, and it's his policy to make sure his clients' clocks are set correctly.

That means he has to manually adjust each piece in the shop twice a year, at the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time.

And unlike the rest of us, falling back is harder than springing forward.

"In the Spring, going forward is easy,” Walker said. “On most antique clocks you can't set them backwards. So, you have to go forward eleven hours. And on antique clocks, you have to stop at every point that they chime and allow them to chime as you go around."

Walker said most of what he works on are clocks more than 100 years old.

And there's plenty to do. He said most guys doing this work are retired or are about to retire.

This is the 'Christmas rush' season for clock repair, Chad Walker tells 9NEWS. (Photo: 9NEWS)