Tommy Carlson could be the biggest Rockies fan in Colorado. Or maybe, at least, just the biggest fan of center-fielder Charlie Blackmon.

Tommy is 2-years-old, and lives in Lone Tree. When he sees Blackmon pop up on TV, Tommy goes nuts.

His dad, Tom, says he has no idea why Tommy is such a big fan of Blackmon's, but for some reason, he always gravitates toward No. 19 when the family watches games. Dad thinks the beard makes Blackmon recognizable and easy to spot, so that might have something to do with it.

Tommy loves the Rockie so much that even though Tommy's right-handed, he'll try to hit from the left on his plastic tee to look like his idol.

The family captured Tommy's reaction to Blackmon during the All-Star Game last week. When announcer Joe Buck says Blackmon's name, Tommy cannot contain himself in his high-chair; he starts yelling Blackmon's name.

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Tom says Tommy really wanted to watch a Rockies game that night, and was grumpy because they weren't playing. It all changed when he saw Blackmon on the TV, batting for the National League.