It's one of the most Colorado things... that Next has hardly ever seen: snow closing down ski resorts. Yes, ski resorts in Colorado closing because there is too much snow.

Crested Butte was the first. It closed yesterday after getting 19 inches of snow within 24 hours.

One of the resort's spokespersons even took a rare snow day because of the storm. He replied to emails with an automatic response saying he was out enjoying all the fresh snow. Can you blame him?

Someone else was on the job today.

"Typically here in Colorado we're used to that nice dry, powder. It's pretty rare when a resort has to close down. I know you know in Tahoe and the Sierras it happens quite frequently because their snow is so wet," said Erica Mueller, the vice president of Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

She reiterated how rare a snow day is in Crested Butte, and even more so, at the resort.
"My family has been in the ski resort industry since 1982 and we've never had to shut down a ski area. It's pretty crazy," she said.

She said since she's been at Crested Butte Mountain Resort they have never had to close because of snow.
"Not since I've been here since 2010 and actually in speaking to some others they don't recall it either," said Mueller.

Most of Crested Butte was reopened Tuesday.

Crews are still doing avalanche work on the extreme terrain areas. They should be reopen Wednesday.

Mueller says the closure is a small price to pay for some good powder.

"We did get a lot of snow, and we did have to close the mountain, and it was pretty unusual but at the end of the day I wouldn't consider it a bad thing," Mueller said.