If you’ve ever tried to cross Lincoln Street at 5th Avenue in Denver, you know it’s like playing a real-life game of Frogger.

“Frogger across the way. It’s pretty bad,” Debbie Hawkins said. “People are just – they just don’t get seen and they are literally almost getting ran over.”

Hawkins works at Accelerate Health at the corner of Lincoln and 5th and knows the intersection is dangerous for cars, too.

“Oh yeah. As a matter of fact, today we had another accident,” Hawkins said.

Data obtained from Denver Police showed that there have been 51 crashes at the intersection over the past five years. Four of those crashes resulted in serious injuries and one crash was fatal.

“That was pretty bad,” Hawkins recalled. “That’s where the memorial flowers are right there,” she added, gesturing across the street.

On March 18, a motorcyclist was killed in a crash at Lincoln and 5th. Flowers, balloons and a teddy bear are still attached to the stop sign on the northeast corner of the intersection.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen a crash picture emerge at that intersection,” Heather Burke, spokeswoman for Denver Public Works, said.

Burke said the city was recently awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation that will be used to install traffic signals at 5th and Lincoln as well as at 5th and Broadway.

“Our goal is to get those traffic signals installed by next year,” Burke said.

In the meantime, Denver Public Works will make “short term safety improvements” to the problem intersection.

“Upgrading the stop signs so they’re larger and more visible,” Burke explained. “We’re also going to be painting stop bars right by the stop signs.”

Burke said crews would also install a temporary bulb-out on the northwest corner of Lincoln Street just past 5th Avenue. Burke described the bulb-out as a traffic calming measure that extends the sidewalk and slightly narrows the roadway. A permanent bulb-out will be put in place after the traffic signals are installed.

“It’s going to prevent drivers from changing lanes in the intersection,” Burke said.

Burke said the temporary fixes would be rolling out in the coming months.