Sometimes your holiday plans just don't work out the way you think they will, and we here at Next love to embrace *real life.* Not your ~Instagram~ life.

And so today, Halloween, we celebrate your pumpkin fails.

If you can laugh at yourself, send your fail our way:

This one from 5-year-old Jordan in Westminster, courtesy of his mom, Chelsea

"Forgot to buy pumpkins so she improvised with an apple ... Glowstick used instead of candle." (Courtesy: Michelle Marshall)

"A deer ate my pumpkin." (Courtesy Josh Piquard; pumpkin belongs to his son, Ian.)

Courtesy: Josh Piquard

This was supposed to be Tower Bridge in London. (Courtesy: Corey Stopperan)

Courtesy: Cory Stopperan

"Ruthless squirrels ripped Toothless' face off long before Halloween. RIP." (Courtesy: Abby Quinn)

Courtesy: Abby Quinn

"The squirrels ate this one before Halloween. It was a Day of the Dead skull." (Courtesy: Lawrence Valdez)

Courtesy: Lawrence Valdez

No idea what this was supposed to be. (Courtesy: Paul Sands)

Courtesy: Paul Sands

These ones shriveled up since they were first cut. Now they look like 2 old men. (Courtesy: Mandi Land)

Intricate design carved too early (Courtesy: Jenna Schrader Schaeffer)

Pumpkin cake fail (Courtesy: Dian Jones)

"This was supposed to be a race car (made by adult)." (Courtesy: Moreen Sawyer)