It's Nov. 22, which means it's Denver's birthday, today!

Well, sort of.

On Nov. 22, 1858 the Denver City Town Company adopted its constitution. Some argue that the Mile High's birthday is on Nov. 17 when General William Larimer and his group actually formed the Denver City Town Company.

Either way, it's Denver's birth month and to celebrate, we drew pictures of symbols of the city and had our viewers guess.

Surprisingly, we had about 150 people consistently watch our half hour Facebook live video of mediocre drawings a day before Thanksgiving. We think the only possible explanation behind this is that it was used as a distraction from their families.

Full disclosure, we got a little too excited and started to draw things not in Denver.

Here's our rendition of, 'Stuck on Interstate 70.'

Weird Mexican food, cliff divers...we give you, 'Casa a la Bonita.'

This is how the Cash Register Building looks like in the eyes of a subpar artist.

Our beloved demon horse that welcomes you home.

And another big blue animal sculpture.

Happy 159th birthday, Denver! We love your craft beers, iconic buildings, and breathtaking sunrises.

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