Are you more likely to provide feedback if you love something or hate it?

We kind of know the answer based on all the email you send us here at Next. *KIDDING*

Back in August 2016, the city of Denver installed a test "protected bike lane" on a half mile of Broadway between Bayaud and Virginia Avenues.

The test is to determine how the city should proceed with future bike mobility options. If the city had built a permanent bike lane on Broadway, Public Works lists the cost at $5 million. Instead, the test cost $350,000.

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Next month, the results of the Broadway Bike Lane Study will be revealed. Call us impatient, call us investigative, we asked for some of the feedback using an open records request.

At the corner of Broadway and Bayaud, there is a sign that reads: "Broadway Bike Study In Progress: Call 720-865-3191 For Info/Comments."

We asked for those comments and found out only 22 have been recorded.

We didn't get the messages themselves, but rather a shorthand notation of them.

Of the 22 messages:
• 10 were negative
• Six had suggestions
• Five were positive
• One just wanted to know when the study would be concluded

You can read some of the phone messages for yourself here.

Broadway Bike Lane Phone Messages by Erin Powell on Scribd

You can also go online and email or fill out an online survey.

We received the emails, but the online surveys are still being compiled. There were only 20 emails.
Of those 20 emails:
• 13 were positive
• Seven were negative

You can read the email comments for yourself here.

And you can hear some of the verbatim in our report, in the video above.

Broadway Bike Lane Emails by Erin Powell on Scribd