Our Next Question, comes from a viewer named Carrie.

It's a follow up to our license plate story from Wednesday night that listed the specialty license plates that are facing extinction.

Carrie asks,  "Let's look at the opposite side - Which specialty plates are the most common in Colorado?"

Great question Carrie.

There are nine license plates that have been sold more than 10,000 times in Colorado.

The most popular specialty plate in Colorado is the Columbine Respect Life plate, honoring the 13 lives lost that day 18 years ago.

Here is the list of the rest of the nine most popular plates and the number sold for each:

  • Columbine: 96,000
  • Pioneer: 36,000
  • Breast Cancer 36,000 (there are two versions depending on the year you got it. This is a combined number of both designs.)
  • Firefighter: 20,000
  • Broncos: 18,000
  • Ski Country USA: 17,000
  • Adopt a Shelter Pet: 16,000
  • University of Colorado: 12,000
  • Air Force Commemorative: 12,000

The state Department of Revenue rounded up those numbers to the nearest thousand to make them even.

Military plates are popular too.

There are 16,000 registered Marine Corps Plates, 33,000 disabled veteran plates, and 43,000 honorably discharged veteran plates

Specialty plates make up 8% of the plates registered in the state.