Yet another lovely contestant is up on Next’s “What do you say?”

Today it’s that town on the Arkansas River that’s about an hour southeast of Pueblo, and which is home to Otero Junior College.

Pam Easthop asked us what the real pronunciation is for La Junta.

So we called up the Chamber of Commerce, and talked to the office manager there. Who told Next she’s lived in the city her whole life.

When you say it, you’re not only supposed to pronounce the “J” with an “H” sound, but stretch out the U sound as well into more of an “Oo” sound, as she demonstrated in the video above.

“La Hunta” is acceptable, though, as not everyone can roll their tongues as would be needed for the fully proper pronunciation.

Bit of trivia for you with that pronunciation. La Junta means the junction in Spanish.

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