Today's edition of What Do You Say takes us to a place in Boulder County.

It's a little community located in the Left Hand Valley, southwest of Longmont, and it's named after an Arapaho Chief.

A few Next viewers have emailed us about Niwot, including Rebecca, who lives there.

We called the president of the community's historical society who gave it to us straight.

"NYE-WATT," Kathy Koehler told us. "Sometimes people say NEE-WATT, and some people go ahead and turn it around and say 'why not?'"

The historical society tell us Niwoat was settled several years after the gold rush of 1859. Settlers started coming in the 1860s. The are was once home to the Souther Arapaho Native Americans, which were led by Chief Niwot. The word means "left hand." He was known for having a strong relationship with the settlers.

The railroad came in 1873, and Niwot became a town in 1875.

Niwot has a small museum to tell its history (small as in 8x14 ft.)

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