It’s time for another round of 'What do YOU say?' Today’s lovely contestant is that street and brewery in Denver that begins with a W, ends in “–koop.”

John, Tim, Jacqui, Terry, Marti and Joseph all wanted this issue resolved.

In a press conference about various important concerns and issues, Next posed the question to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. He should know, since the brewery he helped open is on the same street.

His answer was two-part.

When they were first opening the brewery, they wanted to name it Wynkoop, after the street it was on, but the street was pronounced WINE-koop.

They weren’t making wine, but beer. A formal petition was written to Denver’s mayor at the time to change the street’s name to Beerkoop, but that was rejected.

So to get around that incongruity, they’ve always said it’s WIN-coop Brewing Co. on WINE-coop Street, the Governor said.

Hear him tell the story in that video above.

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