To you, 4th of July might mean fireworks, stuffing your face with hot dogs or wearing that new American flag swimsuit you just bought. But to Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, the holiday means so much more.

We couldn't stop this morning's parade in Niwot to ask Justice Gorsuch everything we'd like to, but we did ask him what the 4th of July means to him.

"Everything, everything," Gorsuch shouted as he rode by in a red, 1959 Cadillac. "That's what it's all about."

Neil Gorsuch at the Niwot parade

Everything -- including free speech, which is why a few others chose to protest the judge from Colorado at this morning's parade.

"The 4th of July is the day when we celebrate things like the first amendment, the constitution, all the things that guarantee us the right to peaceably assemble," Martin Murphy said as he held up his protest sign. The pieces of paper taped to cardboard read, "Theft of Garland nomination is a supreme injustice."

Standing next to Murphy was Elaine Erb. She, too, was holding a sign. Hers read, "Land of the free for everyone," above drawings like a rainbow and a peace sign. She said she attended this morning's parade for "the opportunity to have Neil Gorsuch see this and have him recognize that I don't think he's actually representing the view of most Americans."

Protesters at Niwot parade, as Justice Neil Gorsuch rides by in float

Others disagreed with Murphy and Erb and said Justice Gorsuch's participation in the parade was "a terrific honor."

"Who better to be here than Neil Gorsuch on Independence Day?" Neil Schiffhauer rhetorically asked with a huge smile spread across his face.

Tuesday morning was Schiffhauer and his friends attended the Niwot parade. They drove from Gunbarrel specifically to see Justice Gorsuch -- though one of them nearly missed it because she almost ran out of gas and refused to pull over because she was afraid she'd be late.

But no matter which side of the political aisle this morning's crowd sits, they all showed up to the same small town parade, wearing their red, white and blue -- with the same love for the USA.