Thursday, there was another computer outage at the DMV. So, our Next question of the day: "whatever happened to the new technology that was supposed to replace the driver license system?"

That new technology, called Colorado DRIVES (Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification and Vehicle Enterprise Solution), actually did replace the old system back in February.

Only four of the 79 outages this year were caused by DRIVES. That includes one outage that lasted six hours in Pueblo on the day the new software actually launched across the state.

Most of the other outages came from the "card production vendor" and a few of the longest lasting outages actually came from a federal program that slowed down all the DMV's across the country.

Most outages lasted about an hour but there have been two outages this year that lasted 20 hours.

So what's the upside of DRIVES?

The DMV says it allows more people to do more DMV-related things online, like renewing a driver's license. So even when there is an outage in an office, the online services still work.