The 9NEWS story about a family in Aurora fighting to keep its dog, which could be a wolf hybrid, is blowing up the interwebs.

The family is suing to save Capone. The case has been held over until next week.

Next asked around, and the only way to know if your dog has some wolf in his blood is to pay for a DNA test out of your own pocket.

But honestly, don't sweat it unless you're in Aurora.

Family accused of having wolf-hybrid must wait longer to see if they'll get dog back

Wolf-hybrids aren't banned in Boulder, the city or county, or Arapahoe County, Jefferson County, or Denver.
And yes, in case you were wondering... In Denver, pit bulls are banned, but if your dog is part wolf, it’s no problem.

“While Denver does have an ordinance that restricts keeping wild or dangerous animals, it does not specify wolf hybrids dogs. Our primary consideration on whether or not a dog would be returned to an owner would be if the dog presented a public health and safety risk, regardless of the breed,” the city said to Next in a statement.