Why do we enjoy looking at hail damage? What drives us to enjoy the weather’s carnage?

(And don’t tell us you haven’t looked at the recent hail damage, we have web statistics that say otherwise.)

Next turned to 9NEWS' resident psychologist Dr. Max to explain.

“Part of what makes us human is that we have a morbid sense of curiosity,” he said. “We all know we’re going to die some day, that we can go to those dark places in our minds. So we like to see destruction like that.”

Looking at a slideshow is a safe way to explore that dark impulse, instead of having to deal with such destruction happening to you, he said.

It’s also a toned-down version of horrible scenes we might not enjoy so much, he said. Destroyed cars are less disgusting and dangerous that way.

So yes, no one is judging you for looking at hail damage. So supportive are we, that we’ll direct you to our gallery.

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