One in one hundred voters in Colorado is registered Libertarian. Many more identify with the philosophy, but that hasn't translated into successful candidates at the national, statewide, or local level.

"The ideas are popular," says the newly-elected chairman of Colorado's Libertarian Party, Castle Rock realtor Wayne Harlos.. "But there's the wasted third-vote syndrome that is really raising its head within the Libertarian Party."

Harlos acknowledges a similar issue within the Green Party, especially nowadays he says, when constituents wants to want to vote "against" somebody instead of "for" somebody in a what continually feels like a two-party system.

If you're wondering if you fall on the Libertarian spectrum, Harlos describes classifies the members of his party as being fiscally conservative and socially tolerant.

"The progressives would have you believe that we have to fund a lot of government social programs through tax pay forfeiture, if you will," he says. "The Libertarians believe in the social rights and social opportunities for people, but they don't believe in the government funding of those programs."

The chairman defines success over the next few years as getting out the message, and help voters understand Libertarian goals. The Colorado delegation has done so recently by setting up booths both at Pride Fest, and gun shows. So, there ya' go.

Take a listen to our full interview with Wayne Harlos: