Liz Thomas may have just done what no hiker has done before.

After 100 miles, with 18 friends by her side (off and on), Thomas walked to 64 breweries within an eight-day span.

Thomas set out last week to hike to every brewery in the Denver, for no particular reason other than she wanted to.

She finished Sunday, not long before closing time at Chain Reaction, not far from South Lipan Street and West Mississippi Avenue.

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"I used the same skills as I would hiking: hydration and electrolytes," Thomas said, adding that she avoided hangovers throughout the week. "We had one taster per person. Tried for eight hours of sleep (a night)."

Thomas walked through the toilet paper finish line at Chain Reaction, and sat down to have her final beer of the week.

She plans to add a step-by-stop map of her journey to her website, but says it won't likely be ready for a month.