You can arrive at least two hours early, check your bags, and sail through security, and yet, you can still feel stress while traveling through Denver International Airport.

Anyone who's been on the tram inside of DIA knows what it's like to accidentally block the entrance doors and hear the wrath of the omniscient person from above.

"YOU are delaying the departure of this train," the voice says.

If you didn't know already, the voice of the DIA train comes from none other than Adele Arakawa. Travelers have heard Adele telling them to "hold on, please" since 2007.

DIA told Next that yes, they will eventually replace Adele's voice on the train, now that she's retiring, but not in the immediate future.

By the way, many people have asked what it's been like to work with Adele. Well, you don't know this, but if you've been on the DIA train, you already have an idea......... Take a look at the video above to know what we're talking about.