If you, or someone you know, has a peanut allergy, the Colorado Rockies are looking out for ya'.

Friday's game against the Diamondbacks will be peanut-free, in certain parts of Coors Field.

They're calling the game "peanut controlled." Private suites will be deep cleaned to make sure no peanuts or peanut residue are in that area, and the nine rows in front of the suites won't have people in them.

Fans who are heading to the peanut-controlled area can even use a private elevator to get to the suites. 

Peanut products will be removed from nearby concession stands, but this game is not completely peanut-free. Peanuts will be sold at other concession areas in the ballpark.

Tickets are 35 bucks per person, and you have to have a reservation and sign a waiver before you go. The Rockies are already close to capacity. The game starts at 6:40 p.m.