It's tough to count how many times we've been told that some picture, or video, or story "isn't news."

But maybe you're familiar with one of our favorite sayings here at Next: "It's not news, it's life."

A photo that Morgan Wolfers posted to Facebook last week isn't necessarily "news," but we loved it enough to share.

Morgan is an 11-year-old photographer. Morgan also has Autism.

"April is Autism Awareness month so I figured I should do something for it! I asked my friend Max if he would help me make this picture I had been thinking about," Morgan wrote.

Max and Morgan spray-painted 300 puzzle pieces blue. Blue is the color use to raise awareness for Autism, and puzzle pieces are a symbol of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

"We went up to a rock outcropping and then I laid on the ground taking pictures while Max jumped over me throwing the puzzle pieces out of the box. I call it Autism is Boundless Creativity. Special thanks to Max for helping me with the photo," Morgan wrote.

9NEWS has introduced you to Morgan, and his photography before.

"I've seen a lot of things that amaze me and I just want to share those things with others," Morgan said to us then.

We're happy to report he's still doing just that.

If you see any great "It's not news, it's life" kind of things, let us know by emailing, on our Facebook page or with #HeyNext.