The adorable/terrifying one-eyed cat found in a dumpster less than two months ago has found its forever home!

Miles was found in a dumpster in a West Denver neighborhood and brought to the Denver Animal Shelter back on May 30 with severe injuries.

A local family met Miles and adopted him. He's enjoying his new home! Loving the family's kids and dogs - he's also a big fan of cuddling!

He was found by a Good Samaritan with Denver Metro C.A.T. - Cats Around Town, a group working for cat welfare in the city. Miles had a broken jaw and seriously injured right eye that unfortunately had to be removed. His injuries were likely caused by being hit by a car.

His new family would like to remain anonymous as they focus on helping this little feline adjust and heal in his new home.

Animal Protection is searching for the culprit, but haven't any leads. If you may know something about the incident that injured Miles, please call 311.