On Monday hundreds of people gathered at two rallies in Castle Rock and Parker to support 12-year-old Rylie Guentensberger.

Guentensberger remains in critical conditions after a car slammed into the R n K running store in Parker on Saturday- injuring seven people.

Doctors are monitoring her brain for swelling, but say right now she is stable.

“I can’t even begin to tell you what this means to us,” said Meghan Guentensberger as she addressed a full amphitheater at Aspen View Academy in Castle Rock.

It was the first time Rylie’s mom spoke publicly about her daughter.

“These are [Rylie’s words]: I am a fighter. I will stand strong. I will stumble and fall but never give up.”

The hundreds came to offer her family a familiar face when they needed it as those who came wrote letters to Rylie that Meghan would bring to the hospital.

“She’s got a long road ahead of her,” Meghan said.

Only 10 miles away outside the R n K running shop more than forty people gathered to take part in community run in Rylie’s honor.

“It is reflexive for us to respond in the right way,” said R n K owner Jim Browning. “We want to help no matter what. And one of our own in the running community? It’s an obvious thing to do.”

Four groups jogged three miles around the Cherry Creek Trail. Rylie competed in junior triathlons, so Browning felt compelled to help even though his store sustained more than $250,000 worth of damage.

“Honestly it’s just the right thing to do,” Browning said. “Right now Riley and her family need this support.”

A Facebook page has been set up to support Rylie.