On Tuesday, Denver police honored a paramedic who helped save one of their own.

In June, Lieutenant Otis McKay Jr. was assisting a Denver police officer who was called to the scene of an assault. When the pair arrived, they found a suspect wanted for homicide standing over another man.

The suspect attacked the police officer and Lieutenant McKay jumped into action.

"Everybody plays a roll. They provide the security and the weapons, the safety if you will, and we provide the medicine part of it," McKay said. "But those clearly can change at any time, so an officer can actually help me medically if I get into a situation, and I can help him tactically."

Lieutenant McKay was awarded the Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Award. The Daniels Fund also donated $1,000 to the Denver Health Foundation.

The money will be used for paramedic scholarships in Lieutenant McKay's honor.