BOULDER - More than 40 Boulder residents spoke on building height restrictions during Tuesday’s city council meeting.

A moratorium put in place in 2015 that capped newly constructed buildings at 35 ft. is set to expire this April.

In the meeting, which lasted more than five hours, Mayor Suzanne Jones said, “the council received 132 emails regarding the building height limit.”

Many residents argued that getting rid of the moratorium and allowing taller buildings to be built near residential areas would cause problems in the community like parking issues and said the city would lose its visual attractions.

 Boulder County has voted to extend a limit on building heights, but not everyone is happy about it. 

Jennifer Farmer, a Boulder resident says she wanted the council to extend the ordinance permanently.

“They’re going to be listening to these developers who want to put these buildings where they don’t belong. Keep them in the downtowns, and keep them in the exempted areas that are already there,” said Farmer.

CU students were the first to tell council members they were against the moratorium. They hoped changing the law would allow for new housing options.

“I had to skip 3 classes this semester because there’s a huge rush to find affordable housing," one CU-Boulder student said

Most the speakers supported an extension, however.

Ultimately, the council decided to extend the moratorium for another 15 months while they finalize an update to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan and have a more in-depth discussion with the community members this impacts the most.