A group of Castle Rock residents is petitioning for the right to elect their own mayor. They want a measure on the November ballot that would amend the town charter.

The Committee for Citizens for Elected Mayor needs to collect more than 4,200 signatures by July for their initiative to be put to a vote on Nov. 7.

Castle Rock’s town council consists of seven members. They are tasked with appointing a mayor and mayor pro-tem. According to the town charter, the mayor has all the powers and responsibilities of a councilmember – and is recognized as the head of the town’s government for ceremonial and legal purposes.

Leaders of the Committee for Citizens for Elected Mayor include Roger Hudson who says the town has seen rapid growth in recent years, and residents should have a say in who serves as mayor.

Hudson says if his group’s efforts are successful, it would take one to two years to get the necessary framework in place before a mayor could be elected. He’s heard from some longtime residents concerned about expanding the town’s government, but says it’s too early to know how the changes would reshape town hall.

According to the town, Castle Rock’s population surpassed the 50,000 milestone in 2012. Since then, the town’s population has grown each year – reaching just over 62,900 in March 2017.