Congressman Mike Coffman took a beating at his town hall Wednesday night. But he knew that was going to happen.

Critics of the Republican have accused him of dodging constituents for months.

The discussion scheduled for an hour went 45 minutes longer than that and ended with Coffman unexpectedly making news. He called for the ousting of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer over Spicer's false claims about the Holocaust.

It was one of the rare moments of unity between the Congressman and the constituents in the hall at the CU Anschutz campus in Aurora.

Question after question challenged Coffman on whether his solidly conservative voting record reflected his moderate district, where he's held on despite Democrats' best efforts.

"When the majority of your constituents input to you strongly disagrees with the Republican party position on notable issues, what will it take for you to vote with your constituents?," asked one women.

"I think I've won a few elections around here. So I think majority of the people in this district believe that I'm representing them," replied Coffman.

Coffman was repeatedly asked to defend actions and positions taken by President Trump, in a preview of Democrats' likely strategy in his 2018 re-election race.

At one point, Coffman seemed exasperated with the constant calls to condemn President Trump.

"The people, Republicans, when Obama was President, everything was 'What are you doing to stand up to the President? what are you doing?' Every time the President does something, 'Why aren't you speaking out against the President?' Now I'm getting the same thing from the left. When I disagree with the president, I will speak out with the President. I'm not going to do it every other day. It's when there is something significant," said Coffman.

Adding, "For those of you on the extreme left, will never be satisfied until Trump is gone."

Congressman Coffman will join us Thursday on Next for an extended discussion about questions left unanswered by his town hall. Next airs at 6pm on 9NEWS.

If there's a question or topic you think deserves more discussion with Coffman tomorrow, email or use the hashtag #HeyNext.